Justice For Our Neighbors Houston is now Justice For All Immigrants.

“As we expand to other areas of Texas to meet the immigration legal services need, we needed a name that wasn’t geographically limiting,” said JFON Houston Executive Director Manne Favor.  "Justice For All Immigrants pays homage to our history while summarizing our vision perfectly. 

Justice For All Immigrants will continue to be part of the national Justice For Our Neighbors network.  “Our mission remains the same,” Favor said.  “The only change is we will be working in more cities across Texas.” 

The name change takes effect June 1, 2021.


An Inspiration to All

Elie, a South American young woman, grew up with political activism all around her.  Her family was passionate about what was happening in their homeland and felt it was their duty to help others register to vote and understand the importance of their voice in making positive change.

Elie spent her time educating her contemporaries about the opposition party and mobilizing them to vote.  Elie’s work, and that of her family, was successful.  So successful that the government began to target Elie and her family in an effort to silence them. 

The family received death threats, were tear gassed at events, and were arrested. Elie and her sibling were abducted by government security forces and tortured.

After the last horrific event, Elie’s family said goodbye to their homeland and sought asylum in the United States.  They didn’t have time to request asylum before arriving in the U.S. so, following the law, they turned themselves in at the border and requested asylum. 

The family was detained, but Elie was detained much longer.  Detention was harsh for everyone but even more so for Elie as she suffers from a medical condition that received minimal attention while detained.

After many months, Elie was released on parole because of her medical attention. After her release, she found JFON Houston and asked for legal help.

Asylum has already been granted to Elie’s parents and sibling, but she still waits. While waiting for her day in court, Elie continues to work hard to help her family assimilate to life in the United States while working odd jobs to help put food on the table.  No matter what life throws at Elie, she makes the most of it.

We are humbled to be working with such a passionate, politically engaged, and brave young woman.  Elie is the neighbor we all want!


Immigration not only is our history, but with the birth rate steadily declining, it is vital to our future.


The recent announcement that the U.S. birth rate slipped further during the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t come as a surprise, but that didn’t make it any less sobering. The report spotlights a complex intersection of issues, including insufficient financial support for families with young children, the social and career costs women must weigh when deciding to have a child (or two or more), the environmental impacts of human population growth, and national economics. Historically, nations with stagnant or shrinking populations also often face stagnant economies.

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JFON Houston helps immigrants receive work permits.

The Removing Barriers To Employment program focuses on helping immigrants in the Greater Houston area overcome systemic and personal barriers to employment and economic stability by educating immigrants on options for work permits.

Through this program, JFON attorneys help clients obtain work authorizations, allowing them to legally do work in the United States. Attorneys offer advice and counsel based on individual circumstances and situations.

If you or someone you know needs immigration legal assistance to see if she or he qualifies for a work permit, call us at 713-454-6470 to schedule your consultation. 


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